DragonBallStore-about us

About Us

Founded in November 2019, Dragon Ball Store has quickly broken through and become the world’s leading Dragon Ball Clothing & Merchandise online retailer. Our Head Office is located at 48 Burd Street #109, Nyack, NY 10960, United States. We offer Dragon Ball T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Rugs, Mugs, Canvas Posters, etc., and a variety of gifts and toys for customers all over the world. We bring everything about Dragon Ball you can imagine at a price and quality you can’t find anywhere else in the market. Currently, with a scale of 200 employees, Dragon Ball Store is ready to support and serve you. We provide more than 100,000 unique designs on T-shirts and many other great products for you with all your favorite characters, especially loyal Dragon Ball fans to choose from.

From the meticulous investigation of our customer’s needs, we know what our customers need and want and we even help them realize their hidden desires through high-quality and beautiful Dragon Ball merchandise at an economical price. And especially, to best serve our customers, Dragon Ball Store constantly has strong promotions and discounts for all product lines, especially on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, etc

We are committed to choosing only reliable Dragon Ball merchandise & clothing manufacturers, using global importers to bring our customers the best quality products in the world. Customer service is something we take pride in. Making it as simple as possible to find what you’re searching for is one of our many efforts to satisfy our consumers. We see a future when it will be possible to obtain everything you desire and we want to make your dream come true.

Our Mission


Dragon Ball is the movie that made the childhood of many audiences around the world. With the goal of making Dragon Ball fans’ dreams come true, Dragon Ball Store strives to bring customers high-quality Dragon Ball Clothing & Merchandise at the cheapest price. We want everyone to have desired products, so we always do our best to understand and fulfill our customers’ needs.

Our Core Values

Just like Son Goku – the main character of Dragon Ball, we value reliability, loyalty, courage to face challenges, and many other good values. We set our own core values and we work hard every day to live up to what we have promised to our customers.

R – Respectful – We always respect our customers and try to meet all their needs.

E – Enthusiastic – We are always full of inspiration about new products and always try to find and bring to our customers the most unique items.

L – Loyal – Dedication and loyalty to customers are what we are committed to.

I – Innovative – We try our best to innovate our products and bring the latest items to our customers.

A – Accountable – We take full responsibility for the quality of the product.

B – Brave – We are willing to admit our mistakes and correct them.

L – Listenable – We always listen to our customers to give them the best shopping experience.

E – Exact – We are committed to delivering the product to our customers with the exact quality as described.

DragonBallStore-about us

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. Together, we strive to bring the most authentic values and the best experience †o our customers.”

Robert Thompson
-CEO of Dragon Ball Store-

“Just as appetite comes from eating, so work brings inspiration. Providing customers with great products is our endless source of inspiration. Therefore, we work hard together every single day to improve our products and bring customers the most practical value”

DragonBallStore-about us
DragonBallStore-about us

From the design stage

..to the stage of product implementation

DragonBallStore-about us
DragonBallStore-about us

and deliver it to the consumer…

We all try our best to bring the best quality
products to our customers!

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