Why Goku Never Go To See Grandpa Gohan In Other World?

Why Goku Never Go To See Grandpa Gohan In Other World

In the vast world of Dragon Ball, there are many mysteries that continue to captivate fans. One such enigma surrounds Goku’s peculiar choice to never visit his beloved Grandpa Gohan in the Other World. This decision has left fans pondering the reasons behind Goku’s absence and the potential significance it holds in his journey. Join us as we delve into this intriguing topic and explore the possible explanations behind Goku’s actions. Prepare to uncover the hidden depths of Goku’s character and the untold story of his relationship with Grandpa Gohan.

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Grandpa Gohan Is The First True Member Of Goku’s Family

Grandpa Gohan Is The First True Member Of Goku's Family While Bardock may have been Goku’s biological father, his character was later altered to be more loving. However, he did not serve as a caring guardian like the human Gohan did. Despite being confused by Goku’s tail, elderly Gohan still took in the alien child and raised him as his own. Tragically, Goku accidentally killed his “grandfather” one night when he transformed into an Oozaru, the Great Ape form associated with Saiyans’ tails. Although Gohan was revived for a day during the original Dragon Ball, allowing for a touching reunion with Goku, it would sadly be one of their last encounters.

Grandpa Gohan doesn’t play a significant role in the franchise’s story. He is mostly seen in brief flashbacks or mentioned by Goku, who realizes that his adoptive grandfather shaped his own moral values. Goku names his first son Gohan in honor of his deceased grandfather, although he also wanted to go fishing. Many fans criticize Goku for not fulfilling his family responsibilities towards Grandpa Gohan. Despite having the means to do so, Goku never visits his grandfather in Other World or asks Fortuneteller Baba to revive him for special family occasions. Goku also doesn’t use the Dragon Balls to bring back Grandpa Gohan to life, something he frequently does for other less significant relationships. While this may not reflect well on Goku, there are a few reasons for his behavior.

Grandpa Gohan Of Goku Had Long Since Accepted His Death

Grandpa Gohan, the beloved martial arts master and mentor to Goku, holds a special place in the hearts of Dragon Ball fans. However, despite the wishes and hopes of many, he is never brought back to life using the powerful Dragon Balls. The reason behind this lies in Grandpa Gohan’s acceptance of his own death and his contentment in the afterlife.

One significant moment that showcases Grandpa Gohan’s peaceful acceptance of his fate is during Goku’s fight with him in Fortuneteller Baba’s tournament. In this battle, it becomes clear that Gohan has found solace in the afterlife and has no desire to return to the living world. He has embraced his new existence and has come to enjoy the company of the lovely ladies that surround him in the afterlife.

Similar to his teacher, Master Roshi, Grandpa Gohan has developed a fondness for beautiful women and sees no reason to give up his current afterlife situation. He has found happiness and fulfillment in his surroundings, which further reinforces his decision not to be revived using the Dragon Balls.

Another aspect that supports the notion that Grandpa Gohan remains in the afterlife is his role as a bodyguard for Annin in the filler finale of Dragon Ball. This responsibility would logically prevent his long-term revival with the Dragon Balls. It suggests that Gohan has chosen to dedicate himself to this new purpose, further solidifying his decision to remain in the afterlife.

Furthermore, the ability of Shenron, the mystical dragon who grants wishes, to revive those who do not wish to be brought back is highly debatable. It adds another layer of complexity to the situation, making it even less likely that Grandpa Gohan would be revived against his own will.

Additionally, it is essential to note that maintaining one’s physical form in the afterlife is incredibly rare. Even the instance of Grandpa Gohan assisting Annin in the anime is considered non-canon and irrelevant. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Grandpa Gohan has long since lost his recognizable form, making it practically impossible to bring him back to the world of living, making it difficult for Goku to locate him if he were to try and visit.


In conclusion, the reason why Goku never goes to see Grandpa Gohan in Other World is due to his strong belief that his grandfather is at peace and watching over him from the afterlife. Goku understands that death is a natural part of life and accepts that Grandpa Gohan’s journey has moved on to a different realm. Moreover, Goku’s focus on training and protecting the Earth from imminent threats often takes precedence over personal visits to Other World. Despite not physically visiting Grandpa Gohan, Goku carries his memory and teachings in his heart, guiding him in his battles and shaping him into the hero he is today.

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