Does Goku Become A God Of Destruction?

Goku God Of Destruction

Dragon Ball fans have always been fascinated with the idea of Goku becoming a God of Destruction. With his immense power and incredible abilities, it’s easy to see why people would think that he could take on such a role. However, despite what many fans may believe, it has been confirmed that Goku will never become a God of Destruction.

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Does Goku Become A God Of Destruction?

To understand why this is the case, we need to look at the lore of Dragon Ball. The role of a God of Destruction is one that is assigned to specific individuals by the Grand Zenō, the ruler of all the universes. These individuals are tasked with maintaining balance in their respective universes by destroying planets and civilizations that are deemed to be a threat to that balance. They do not create, they only destroy.
Does Goku Become A god Of Destruction
While Goku may have the power to destroy planets and even entire universes, he has never been given the official title of God of Destruction. This is because the role of a God of Destruction is not something that can be earned through strength alone. It is a position that is assigned by the Grand Zenō and cannot be taken by force.

Furthermore, Goku’s personality and moral code do not align with that of a God of Destruction. Despite his incredible power, Goku has always been a hero who fights for justice and protects the innocent. He has never been one to indiscriminately destroy things simply because he has the power to do so.

It’s also worth noting that the current Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball are all incredibly powerful beings in their own right. They are all capable of destroying entire planets effortlessly and possess abilities that far surpass those of Goku. It’s unlikely that Goku would be able to take on such a role without first undergoing some significant changes to his character and power level.

Goku’s introduction to true god-tier power came in chapter 1 of Dragon Ball Super when he faced off against the God of Destruction himself, Lord Beerus. Beerus believed it was necessary to fight Goku after having a premonition of his death at the hand of an entity known as a Super Saiyan God. Beerus thought that Goku might be that very Saiyan he saw in his vision. When Goku proved to be far less powerful than Beerus presumed, the Destroyer God forced Goku to undergo a ritual, and Goku literally became a Super Saiyan God. While the ritual only granted Goku divine power for a short period of time, Goku quickly lost it when the battle ended.

Since then, Goku has continued to gain new levels of power, often with the help of his friends and allies. However, none of these powers have ever made him a god of destruction. Even when he achieved Ultra Instinct, a power long sought after by the gods themselves, he did not become a god. Instead, he simply mastered a technique that allowed him to fight at a level beyond his previous capabilities.

Why Can’t Goku Become A God Of Destruction?

Why Can't Goku Become A God Of Destruction
So why can’t Goku become a god of destruction? The answer lies in the nature of the gods themselves. In the Dragon Ball universe, the gods of destruction are chosen by the angels who serve them. These gods are not necessarily the most powerful beings in the universe, but they are the ones who possess the necessary qualities to maintain balance and order. Goku, despite his incredible power, does not possess these qualities. He is a fighter at heart, always seeking out new challenges and striving to become stronger. While this makes him a formidable opponent, it also makes him unsuitable for the role of a god of destruction.

That’s not to say that Goku will never achieve god-like power again. In fact, he may very well continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for a mortal being. But for now, the title of god of destruction is out of reach for our favorite Saiyan warrior.

In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter 194, Goku succeeds in defeating Piccolo after the latter attempts to murder him during the World Martial Arts Tournament. It is worth noting that this occurred three years after Goku killed King Piccolo, who was later reincarnated as the Piccolo that Goku defeats in this chapter. As a result of his triumph, the God of Earth, Kami, extends an invitation to Goku to become his successor and assume the role of Earth’s new guardian deity after he passes away. Despite feeling honored, Goku adamantly declines the offer, stating, “I couldn’t do it! It would bore me to death!”


In conclusion, while Goku has achieved many incredible feats throughout his journey in the Dragon Ball universe, becoming a god of destruction is not one of them. Despite his incredible power, he simply does not possess the qualities necessary to fill that role. However, we can rest easy knowing that Goku will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and will undoubtedly continue to amaze us with his strength and determination.

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