The Surprising Truth Behind Goku’s Kamehameha – Revealed in Dragon Ball GT

The Kamehameha has been Goku’s distinctive move in every period of Dragon Ball, but it was not until Dragon Ball GT that he comprehended its actual intention.

The Surprising Truth Behind Goku's Kamehameha Revealed In Gt

Throughout all of Dragon Ball’s eras, Goku’s signature move has always been the Kamehameha. However, it wasn’t until Dragon Ball GT that he fully grasped the true intention behind the technique. In this era, he finally utilized the ki blast in the same manner as Master Roshi, whom Goku initially witnessed performing the move.

The Kamehameha Wave is an energy attack that requires the user to cup their hands into a ball, hold them at their waist, and charge their ki at the center of their cupped hands. The energy is then released into a powerful blast by extending the user’s arms forward and uncupping their hands while keeping them together at the wrist. Master Roshi developed this technique after fifty years of perfecting it, but it wasn’t seen in action by fans until Dragon Ball Chapter 14 by Akira Toriyama. In this chapter, Goku enlists Master Roshi’s help to put out the fires of Fire Mountain for the Ox-King. Roshi complies by blasting the mountain with the Kamehameha Wave, which extinguishes all the fires in just a few seconds.

The First Time Kamehameha Was Used Was To Save Lives

The First Time Kamehameha Was Used Was To Save Lives 

In the eighth episode of Dragon Ball GT season 1, penned by Aya Matsui, directed by Osamu Kasai, and produced by Toei Animation, Goku, Trunks, and Pan venture into the hideout of the malevolent beast Zoonama. Before this episode, the three Z-Fighters were tasked with a mission to explore the universe in search of the Black Star Dragon Balls. They successfully traced one to a small village on a foreign planet, where the inhabitants were tormented by the ruthless Dragon Ball antagonist Zoonama. The locals agreed to give Goku and his cohorts their Dragon Ball in exchange for taking care of Zoonama, which the Z-Fighters accepted. In the current episode, the trio infiltrates Zoonama’s hideout, which is situated within a live volcano that is on the brink of erupting.

After defeating Zoonama, the Z-Fighters notice that the volcano they are in is about to erupt. Quickly, Goku, Trunks, and Pan manage to escape, but the village they were trying to help is still at risk. As the lava from the volcano flows toward the village, Goku realizes he is the only one who can save them. Without hesitation, he charges up a powerful Kamehameha and blasts the volcano, putting an end to the danger it poses. This technique was first used by Master Roshi in Dragon Ball to put out a fire on Fire Mountain, and now Goku uses it to destroy another “fire mountain” and eliminate the threat of Zoonama’s erupting volcano.

The latest episode of GT is a nostalgic reference to the first time fans witnessed the Kamehameha in action. Goku was a novice when he first saw Roshi use the technique to put out fires on a mountain. In this episode, Goku is now an expert, using the same technique for the same purpose. Although the Kamehameha is a powerful attack in Dragon Ball battles, it appears to have a hidden purpose of extinguishing fires, particularly those on mountains. Goku only realized the true purpose of the technique in GT, despite using it for most of his career.

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