What Comes After Dragon Ball Super?

What Comes After Dragon Ball Super

Anime fans all over the world are eagerly anticipating the next move from the Dragon Ball franchise. After the massive success of Dragon Ball Super, the hype around the future of the series has only increased. Fans have been left wondering what comes next for Goku and his friends, and many theories and rumors have been circulating online. In this blog post, we will delve into the possibilities and explore what the future may hold for Dragon Ball.

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What Comes After Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Comes After Dragon Ball Super

For fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, the question of “what comes after Dragon Ball Super?” has been on their minds since the series ended in 2018. The answer came in the form of the highly anticipated movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which picks up after the events of the “Universe Survival” arc.
Dragon Ball Super Broly Comes After Dragon Ball Super
The film serves as a canonical continuation of the series, offering fans a glimpse into what happens next in the world of Dragon Ball. After the destruction of Universe 6 and 7’s epic battle with Jiren, the newly resurrected Frieza is back to his old tricks, hatching new schemes in an effort to gain power and control.

Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta continue to train under the watchful eye of Whis, honing their skills and preparing for whatever challenges lie ahead. It’s not long before they’re faced with their greatest challenge yet, in the form of Broly, a fan-favorite Dragon Ball Z villain who makes his debut in the main continuity of the series.

As the Saiyan duo comes to blows with Broly, they quickly realize that he’s more powerful than they ever could have imagined. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, Goku and Vegeta must put their differences aside and work together to defeat this new threat.

But Broly isn’t the only obstacle they’ll have to overcome. Frieza’s plan for domination is still in motion, and he’s not above using any means necessary to achieve his goals. With time running out, Goku and Vegeta must fight harder than ever before to ensure the safety of their universe.

The release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly has given fans hope that there will be more to come from the franchise in the future. While there’s no official announcement yet about what will be after Dragon Ball Super, it’s clear that there are still plenty of stories left to tell.

As fans eagerly await news of what’s to come, they can take comfort in the fact that Dragon Ball Super: Broly delivers everything they love about the series. With intense action, memorable characters, and a thrilling story, it’s a must-see for any fan of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Focusing On Gohan and Piccolo

Are you a Dragon Ball Super fan who’s wondering what comes after Dragon Ball Super? The answer is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero—a brand new anime film that premiered in February 2022 and has already captured the hearts of fans worldwide.
Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Focusing On Gohan And Piccolo
Super Hero picks up where Dragon Ball Super left off, but this time around, the spotlight is no longer on Goku and Vegeta. Instead, the movie centers around Gohan and Piccolo as they battle against the villainous Red Ribbon Army and their newest creations, the Gamma twins.

This shift in focus provides a refreshing change of pace for Dragon Ball Super fans who may have grown tired of seeing Goku and Vegeta take center stage. Gohan and Piccolo have always been beloved characters in the Dragon Ball universe, and it’s exciting to see them finally get their moment in the spotlight.

One of the standout aspects of Super Hero is the stunning animation. The movie has a unique visual style that sets it apart from previous Dragon Ball entries. The fight scenes are expertly choreographed and executed, making for some truly thrilling moments. The Gamma twins are daunting foes, and watching Gohan and Piccolo take them on is a sight to behold.

But what really sets Super Hero apart is the character development. Gohan and Piccolo have always had a special relationship, and the movie explores this dynamic even further. We get to see Gohan grow in confidence as he steps up to the plate to protect the Earth once again. Piccolo, on the other hand, must confront his past as a former villain and face his demons head-on.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a must-watch for any Dragon Ball fan. It offers a fresh take on the franchise while still staying true to its roots. And for those who may be wondering if there’s anything after Dragon Ball Super, Super Hero is the perfect answer. It’s a thrilling and satisfying continuation of the series that will leave fans eager for more.

Dragon Ball Super’s Manga Keeps Going After Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super's Manga Keeps Going After Dragon Ball SuperFor those Dragon Ball Super fans who are craving their fix now, there are still numerous alternatives. Although the anime is currently unavailable, the story persists through manga. After the “Universe Survival” saga concluded, the Super manga introduced two significant arcs: the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” saga, where Goku and Vegeta team up with the Galactic Patrol to battle an adversary from the Grand Supreme Kai’s era, and the “Granolah the Survivor” saga, which features the primary duo taking on the solitary survivor of a Saiyan-inflicted genocide.

For those who are looking for fresh Dragon Ball animations, there are Super Dragon Ball Heroes available. It is an ongoing series of online shorts that are connected to the popular Japanese arcade game. Heroes somewhat follow the storyline of Super, but it is not considered part of the canon due to its lack of continuity. Rather, it is a tribute to the entire Dragon Ball franchise, providing fans with a variety of elements and characters from Dragon Ball Z, Super, GT, the movies, and even Xenoverse. If you have ever wondered about Super Saiyan Blue battling Super Saiyan 4, Heroes brings that and more to the screen.

GT, which was released in 1996, presents a distinct perspective on Goku’s life after the events of Dragon Ball Z, although it is inconsistent with Super’s continuity. The story takes place five years after the 28th World Tournament and follows Goku, Trunks, and his granddaughter Pan as they embark on a cosmic expedition to locate the Black Star Dragon Balls. Although GT has sparked controversy among fans, it introduces several intriguing ideas, including a malevolent Tuffle and wicked Eternal Dragons. Moreover, it features the most beloved finale in the Dragon Ball universe, offering a conclusive and poignant farewell to Goku.

What Roles Will Dragon Ball Super Play in the Future?

Dragon Ball Super has become a fan-favorite anime, with its incredible battles, engaging storyline, and beloved characters. However, as the anime has come to a close, fans have been left wondering what comes next for Goku and the gang. What will be after Dragon Ball Super? Is there anything after Dragon Ball Super? Let’s explore what the future might hold for our favorite Saiyans.

Fans have long speculated about the return of the TV show, featuring potential adaptations of the manga’s next two major sagas. While there’s no official word yet on whether the show will return, there are certainly plenty of storylines left to explore. As for new developments in the story, there are a number of ways future material might unfold.

It’s taken a long time, but it seems like Super is finally ready to hand the reigns over to the next generation between Pan’s involvement in the story of Super Hero, and teases of future Uub appearances in the manga. This shift in focus is an exciting development, as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the series.
What Roles Will Dragon Ball Super Play In The Future
There have also been major developments in Goku and Vegeta’s training under Whis. To specify would spoil the manga, but needless to say, Goku’s desire to master Ultra Instinct plays into things — as well as Vegeta’s desire for an equivalent power of his own. These developments show that the series is far from over and that there’s plenty of room for growth and evolution.

Despite Super’s break from TV, modern Dragon Ball shows no sign of slowing down. Fans who miss the anime have plenty of material to dig into, with the manga continuing the story in exciting ways. And for those eagerly anticipating the series’ future, there is much to look forward to. Its future on television may be uncertain, but it’s still an incredibly exciting time to be a Dragon Ball fan.

In conclusion, while the future of Dragon Ball may be uncertain, there’s no denying that the series has left an indelible mark on the world of anime and manga. With its engaging characters, thrilling battles, and epic storylines, Dragon Ball Super has captivated fans around the world. And while we may not know exactly what comes next for Goku and the gang, one thing is for sure: there’s always more adventure to be had in the world of Dragon Ball.


In conclusion, Dragon Ball Super may have ended, but the franchise is far from over. With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans can continue to enjoy the adventures of their favorite characters, especially Gohan and Piccolo. Additionally, the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super continues to be published, providing even more content for fans to explore. The Dragon Ball universe is constantly expanding, and fans can look forward to many more exciting stories in the future.

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