Who is the God of Destruction of Universe 12?

Throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, we’ve seen a number of powerful entities that have the capacity to destroy entire universes. But who is the god of destruction of Universe 12? The answer may surprise you. Join us as we explore the mysterious figure who holds the power to obliterate a universe.

What is Universe 12?

Universe 12 Dragon Ball

The Ultimate Universe (究極の宇宙 Kyūkyoku no Uchū), also known as Universe 12 (第12宇宙 Dai jūni Uchū), is the twelfth of the Dragon Ball series’ twelve universes. There are many galaxies, stars, and planets in it. A twin universe is formed when universe 12 and universe 1 are connected. One of the four universes with an average mortal level greater than 7 on Zeno’s scale is Universe 12, of four. Its inhabitants, both divine and human, as well as those of Universes 1, 5, and 8, are therefore exempt from being destroyed. This universe has the second-highest degree of mortals.

Who is the God of Destruction of Universe 12?

The God of Destruction of Universe 12 is Giin, the Supreme Kai is Agu, and the Angel is Martinu.

Giin is a tall humanoid that resembles a fish or merman and has two fin-shaped ears and crimson iris eyes. All Gods of Destruction dress in dark purple variations of ancient Egyptian-style garb, while Giin’s collar emblem is a triangle. He is the only God of Destruction who has an obviously strong frame and appears to be a trained warrior.

Giin is a very capable god from the cosmos who granted mortals the ability to use time travel. He does his work ruthlessly and without bias, but because there is nothing to destroy, he has grown bored and is looking forward to the Tournament of Power.

Giin’s exuberant smile and response to the dialogue of the gods of the four spared realms indicate that he is extremely self-assured and proud of himself. As he was anxious about the potential of being wiped during the Zen Exhibition Match and exhaled with pleasure when he learned that his universe is exempt from the Tournament of Power and erasure, he is not as confident as in the anime.


He is also astute enough to understand the Grand Minister’s motivation in suggesting that Iwan, Liquiir, and Arak test the arena for the Tournament of Power while knowing that they would later be instructed to rebuild it. Giin declined to take part, noting that the results would be clear.

The erasures of Universes 9 and 10 clearly frightened him. He is likewise thankful that Sidra shielded them from Beerus’ blast in the manga, but he is also visibly angry with Belmod for betraying Sidra by ejecting him after saving them.

Giin took part in Zeno’s All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament in the manga at some point. But the competition had to be called off after Beerus hid and dozed for fifty years. Giin and the other Gods of Destruction barely managed to calm Zeno down after he became enraged as a result. Giin and the other gods have been quite contemptuous of Beerus ever since.

He and Anat were the only deities from the exempt universes to smile when they heard Android 17’s request to restore the erased universes, indicating that he respects life in general.

Techniques and Special Abilities Of Giin

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Hakai – As the God of Destruction in the Heroes anime and manga, Giin has the power to destroy anything, including ghosts and Gods.
  • Life Link – To avoid an imbalance between the natural powers of creation and destruction that Giin and Ag symbolize, their lives are intertwined so that if one of them passes away, the other will as well (much like Piccolo and Kami).
  • God of Destruction’s Gambit – Giin’s Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission & Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle
  • Continuous Energy Bullet – Only used in the manga.


Giin is an incredibly powerful being and one of the most powerful characters in the entire Dragon Ball series. He is a mysterious figure who appears only briefly in the story, but his presence is always felt. Giin is the God of Destruction of Universe 12, and his power is feared by many.

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