Dragon Ball Super: Beerus Is Forgiving Due To His Pride

Beerus possesses the ability to obliterate anything and anyone in Universe 7 that displeases him, however, he chooses not to exercise it at all times because of his sense of pride.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Is Forgiving Due To His Pride

Beerus, the Destroyer, occupies a crucial role in the Dragon Ball multiverse. As his name suggests, he has the duty of eradicating old planets in Universe 7 to make room for new ones. This task demands him to be the most powerful being in that universe. His incredible might enables him to effortlessly eliminate anything or anyone that bothers him, as evidenced by his actions in Dragon Ball Super.

Sometimes, it appears that Beerus could easily eliminate an annoyance through destruction, but chooses not to. This decision is unlikely to receive criticism, and no mortal possesses the capability to halt him. It seems that the Destroyer refrains from doing as he pleases not due to any individual’s intervention but rather from a sense of honesty and a commitment to maintaining his own image.

When Will Beerus Be Willing to Ruin?

When Will Beerus Be Willing To Ruin

Beerus is not opposed to the notion of swiftly getting rid of anyone who annoys him. In episode 69 of DBS, he showed no hesitation in destroying Dr. Mashirito’s ghost without even looking twice at him; he may have done the same to Arale if he didn’t have digestive issues. This behavior is probably indicative of his standard approach towards humans he doesn’t have any fondness or regard for.

Unlike most mortals, sentimentality does not weigh heavily on him. While he may feel regret if a planet he enjoys with good food and nice people is destroyed, this is ultimately inconsequential. If he chooses to carry out destruction, he will do so with full determination.

At times, the Destroyer deals with situations on an individual basis. When it comes to Bulma, he fears her reprimands but wouldn’t eradicate her for it, despite the fact that it is out of his hands. However, if Bulma frequently meddles with the timeline without a solid justification, he will destroy her. Their close relationship will not hinder him from fulfilling his duties.

The Destroyer adopts a comparable individualistic strategy towards Goku and Vegeta. He appears to have developed an affection for them owing to their perseverance and diligence, hence his warnings to annihilate them hold little substance. Nevertheless, Goku and Vegeta do not challenge their fate. However, if either of them committed a grave offense such as recalling the universe-ending competition to Grand Zeno, the Destroyer would likely caution them about his leniency towards them.

How Significant to Beerus Is His Reputation?

How Significant To Beerus Is His Reputation

It’s worth mentioning the way he kept his word about destroying the Earth after defeating Goku. In the Battle of Gods film, he merely destroyed a rock nearby and considered it done. However, in the anime series, he acted as if he had fallen asleep and completely forgot about it. In both versions, he felt compelled to make a spectacle of breaking his promise instead of being honest about it.

Apart from Whis and possibly the Oracle Fish, no one would have been aware of his failure to keep his word. There is a possibility that he is fearful of being monitored by a higher authority. Alternatively, he might consider such commitments to be important because even if nobody else knows about it, he would know, and that is what counts. Therefore, he cannot solve all his issues by merely eliminating them.

Beerus doesn’t behave as a reckless Destroyer as he portrays himself to be. He follows specific principles and regulations that determine his targets and timing of destruction. Defying his principles may result in permanent damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, it’s wise not to challenge him.

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