Toppo: Who is Dragon Ball Super’s God of Destruction?

Toppo Who Is Dragon Ball Super's God Of Destruction

Toppo is among the strongest new characters in Dragon Ball Super and has been introduced as a fighter. This article provides information about him and his character as the God of Destruction.

Dragon Ball Super has unveiled a range of formidable villains in the Dragon Ball universe as Goku and his allies search for the most formidable adversaries in the multiverse. The Tournament of Power serves as the pinnacle storyline of the anime series, as the quest culminates with 15 dimensions from the Dragon Ball Multiverse each selecting their top 10 fighters to participate in an intense competition. The Grand Zeno presides over the tournament, deleting losing realities from existence, while the champion earns the right to summon the all-powerful Super Dragon Balls and make a wish.

Toppo stood out as one of the toughest opponents for the Z Fighters from Universe 7 due to his ability to endure battles more than his teammates, despite being turned into a gray state. In this article, we will examine this muscular and straightforward fighter in greater detail.

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Who is Toppo?

Who Is ToppoTop, also known as Toppo, is a formidable warrior hailing from Universe 11. He is deeply committed to upholding justice, honor, and duty, and he takes charge of the Pride Troopers, a group dedicated to maintaining peace and enforcing laws across all of Universe 11. Toppo and his elite team of Troopers are the only members representing Universe 11 in battles.

In Dragon Ball Super, Universe 11’s God of Destruction position was initially offered to Jiren, a skilled fighter. However, he declined the offer and Toppo was chosen instead. Toppo is known for his short temper but also for his high level of respect toward his opponents. He often names his special moves with variations of “justice,” such as the Justice Flash, as he continues his training.

How powerful is Toppo?

Toppo, a mortal warrior from Universe 11, possesses immense raw power that places him second only to Jiren. He is not only considered as the potential successor to Belmod, the God of Destruction in his reality but also serves as his personal protector due to his formidable combat skills. Despite his bulk, Toppo is surprisingly agile and possesses a variety of special moves to keep his opponents at a distance.

When in his normal form, Toppo has the ability to defeat Goku in his Super Saiyan state without difficulty. Later on, even after Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, Toppo manages to hold his own against him. Moreover, Toppo can access his emerging divine powers when he feels angry or cornered, which results in a purple-pink energy aura that amplifies his fighting prowess. This makes him easily overpower Frieza, who is in his Golden form.

Toppo in the Tournament of Power

Toppo In The Tournament Of Power
As Toppo takes charge of his team in the Tournament of Power, he feels more and more anxious as he witnesses his comrades being knocked out of the competition. When Kunshi is eliminated and he comprehends the gravity of the situation, Toppo makes a promise to himself that he will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means disregarding his own strong principles.

During the battle between Toppo and Frieza, Toppo becomes infuriated by his opponent’s evil and ruthless behavior and unleashes his God of Destruction power to severely beat Frieza. However, Android 17 and Vegeta step in to stop the fight. Vegeta is disgusted that Toppo abandoned his principles and decides to fight him alone, but he struggles to overpower Toppo. Vegeta is determined to protect his family and almost sacrifices himself with the Final Explosion technique, but he narrowly survives and manages to eliminate Toppo. Toppo then watches the rest of the tournament from the sidelines and eventually befriends Jiren, who is usually distant and reserved. After Android 17 uses the Super Dragon Balls to restore their home universe, they return home together.

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